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Circuits & Embedded Systems Engineering

ircuit and Embedded Systems Engineering specializes in research on analog and digital VLSI circuits, which are very important in information and industrial electronic technology. Current projects include the effective design of VLSI circuits for computer systems, communication systems, signal processing systems, and energy conversion systems, plus various VLSI CAD technologies, such as circuit simulation, logic synthesis, and VLSI circuit testing.

소속 교수님들
Choi, Byung-Cho Designing of analog system, PDP operation circuit, current transformation circuit
Choi, Jun-Rim Designing of high-speed direct circuit, designing of micro sensor and digital system
Choi, Pyung Analog & Digital IC & ASIC Plan, Device & System Modeling
Chung, Yeonbae Next-generation memory design, Low-power analog integrated circuits, High-speed digital integrated circuits
Kong, Joonho Computer architecture and microprocessor design, Mobile SOC design, Hardware security
Lee, Dong-Ho (Head of the Major) SoC design, Plasma display system, Computer graphic display
Moon, Byungin Computer Architecture, SoC, Design of Digital Circuits & Systems
Shim, Jae Hoon (Deputy Dean of Faculty) Designing of analog/digital direct circuit
Song, Taigon 3-dimensional Integrated Circuits (3D IC), Advanced VLSI design, Computer-aided Design (CAD)
Yu, Sang Dae Integrated Circuit Design, Computer Aided Design, Surface Acoustic wave Devices, Embedded Systems


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