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The School of Electronics Engineering is the college of the Kyungpook National University, which is the biggest and the most equipped, and has many faculties in Korea. The educational goal is to train professional engineers acquiring business competency with deep knowledge.

In 1973, as a national project, Korean government designated the Department of Electronics as an active faculty to train talented human resources for requires of industries. The School of Electronics and Electrical Engineering which has designated by the government policy in 1994 sped up the modernization of education facility and experiment equipments. Furthermore in 1999, the School of Electronics Engineering has been selected as a member of the BK21 project and regional university raise project by government policy, which advanced the field of science and technology, and supported both research and education simultaneously. Both undergraduate and graduate school were evaluated and confirmed as the best according to the Korean Council for University Education in 2000. Also, this faculty was awarded for the first prize in the regional university raise project category during the mid-assessment of the BK21’s Human Resource Training Project in 1999~2000.

By now, 16,444 scholars (B.A. degree: 13,062, M.D and Ph.D: 3,382) have graduated and lead the electronics and computer science industry in the world. Indeed, this faculty is the biggest in the electronics, electrical engineering and computer science area in Korea with 95 professors(including invited professors), 40 officers, about 1,200 graduate students, 4351 undergraduate students. Furthermore, 70% of undergraduate students are supported by a scholarship, and more than 90% of students are being employed every year.

This faculty is known all over the world by various programs such as global internship for business training, global IT, pre-internship for language training, sandwich education for field training, personal tutor for major and various certifications.


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