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Education Goal of School of Electronics Engineering

  • Train professional engineers with international senses and field adaptation abilities.
  • Foster engineers with basic knowledge
  • Cultivate ability of self development
  • Cultivate basic knowledge for the member of society
  • Foster progressiveness to lead changes in the environment
  • Train to achieve specializes professional knowledge


Managing : 7 tracks ; Choose fields with out grade limitation

  • High direct circuit engineering track, semiconductor engineering track
  • Video system engineering track, Electrical engineering track
  • Radio wave engineering track, Information communication track
  • Information process engineering track, Control engineering track

Free major system (School)

  • 20% of total admission choose faculty at the beginning of the 2nd year


  • Adopted 94 major courses (258 grade)/ Average of 42 courses (108 grade)
  • Deepened track of Completion of 9 courses of study

Internationalization/Internationalization open/Internationalization field

Internationalization/ open :

  • Invitations of foreign professors and adopted major lectures in English
  • English conversation course lectured by native speakers
  • Overseas internship
  • Provide English gradate requisite: TOEIC 600, TOEFL 500
  • Interchange In domestic universities: Grade transfer is available with national universities in each region

Internationalization/ field :

  • Sandwich education for 9 industrial fields: Started in 1997
  • Overseas internship: Accredit intern employ to Connexant Systems in America from August 2000.

Internationalization :

  • Overseas pre-internship: Send students to LSU, MTU, UNCC etc. for major or language training


  • Tutor System : operating study center
  • DIY laboratory : Flexible experimentation


  • Annual staging of SEEK Square, a student project showcase (inaugurated in 1997)
  • Assisting of 12 activities in respectable field of study
  • Staging of competition for creative robot during each semester (beginning in 1999)

Venture Enterprises

  • Linked with Daegu Technopark/Technopark at Kyungpook National University Assisting of
  • associations for enterprise commencement, preparations for starting enterprise,
  • enterprise roadshow, operation of Invention Hall
  • Assisting six venture enterprise commencements


80 Daehakro. Bukgu. Daegu. 41566. KoreaTEL : 82-53-950-5506FAX : 82-53-950-5505

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