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Dean's Message

Welcome to our School of Electronics Engineering, the College of IT Engineering website.

Han, Dong Seog, Dean, School of Electronics Engineering.

The School of Electronics Engineering (SEE) is a strategic department that was founded to foster electrical engineers with creativity and global competitiveness. Since 2010, it is a part of College of IT Engineering and has been expanding ever since. The school was first founded as the Department of Electronics Engineering in 1968. Since its inception, SEE has led to the development of Korean electric, semiconductor, and communication industries for 44 years.

Until now the school has produced nearly 18,000 graduates, who are playing significant roles in top-class IT industries worldwide. Further it has continuously led to nation development in the IT field by training outstanding students in combination with professor’s passion during that time. In 1973, SEE was selected by the government as Specialized University in the area of Electronics. In 1994, SEE was selected as national school of Engineering in the Electrical and Electronic Engineering field. In 1999, it received a unique honor in the entire country by being designated as the Brain-Korea21 (BK21) department and graduate school simultaneously in the electrical, electronic engineering and computer science fields. Recently, SEE completed the IT Convergence global talent undergraduate development program (2009~2012), with annual budget of 53 billion won. Currently, SEE is funded by the BK21 Information Technology Research Human Resources Development Program (2006~2013) with annual budget of 30 billion won for postgraduate student development and also funded by Leaders in Industry-university Cooperation (LINC) Development Program (2012~2016).

In addition to the qualitative improvement of student education and research with those programs above, the school is implementing various scholarship systems, with highest scholarship rate (88% of our students are covered by scholarships) in the nation. There are several short team overseas internships to increase global competitiveness. Further, the school also offers dual degree programs for overseas exposure and education - with the University of Texas at Dallas, Warsaw technology, Budapest University, Thai Nguyen University of Technology, etc.

Over 90% of our graduates are employed by top-class companies and public enterprises world-wide. Further, many of our graduates enter graduate schools through various education-on-demand programs, national internships, and sandwich programs, which are mainly designed for employment. Our department is one of the top departments to foster global competitive graduates with specialized training in cutting edge technologies such as semiconductor design, communication, signal processing, and robotics, etc. The interdisciplinary research grounded in engineering in our school looks set to continue to shape students for the future requirements.

Our school always welcomes you. With the right people and programs in the right place, we're creating a competitive technical training and education programs. We encourage you to visit our school in person to see what sets us apart.

Choi, Muhan
Dean, School of Electronics Engineering.


80 Daehakro. Bukgu. Daegu. 41566. KoreaTEL : 82-53-950-5506FAX : 82-53-950-5505

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