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Semiconductors & Display Engineering

Circuit and Embedded Systems Engineering specializes in research on analog and digital VLSI circuits, which are very important in information and industrial electronic technology. Current projects include the effective design of VLSI circuits for computer systems, communication systems, signal processing systems, and energy conversion systems, plus various VLSI CAD technologies, such as circuit simulation, logic synthesis, and VLSI circuit testing.

소속 교수님들
Bae, Jin-Hyuck (Head of the Major) Flexible (Printed ) Electronics, Molecular Engineering and Physics, Bioelectronics, Interfacial Phenomena of Organic Functional Materials
Cho, Chan Seob NEMS/MEMS, Silicon solar cell
Hahm, Sung-Ho MOSFET source drain contact and compound semiconductor devices
Jang Byungchul
Jang, Jae-won High performance and Low power Energy and Electronic Devices
Ju, Gwanghwi Semiconductor device efficiency, https://semiconductor-energy-laboratory.weebly.com/
Kang, In Man Silicon Nanowire MOSFET, FinFET, MBCFET, GaN and III-V Semiconductor Devices, CMOS and passive device RF modeling, 3D device simulation
Kim, Daehyun
Kim, Hak-Rin Liquid Crystal Display, Flexible Display & Flexible Organic Electronics, Nano-electronics & Bio-molecular Electronics, Organic Electro-Optic Devices for Optical Signal Processing, Physics of Organic Interface
Kong, Seong Ho MEMS/NEMS-based transducers, Infrared Micro/Nano Spectrometers, Micromachined Power Generator, Micromachined Focal Length Tunable Adaptive Lens, Real-Time Water-Quality Monitoring Sensors, Micro/Nano Total Analysis Systems
Lee, Shinhyung
Min, moonsik (Head of the Major)
Park, Hongsik (Deputy Dean of Faculty) Integrated CMOS/Si-photonic chips, Low-dimensional (1D/2D) semiconductor devices and physics, CMOS-compatible nano-fabrication technology, Multifunctional integrated smart sensor technology


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