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Information and Communication Engineering

Information and Communication Engineering is related to the development of cutting-edge technologies for wire/wireless communication systems to transfer voice, image, and data efficiently in real time. The current research areas include networks, modulation, speech/image processing, information theory, data security, multimedia applications, and the provision of efficient multimedia communication services, such as transmission systems, communications networking, network management, and internet applications. To support the above projects, software engineering is also an area of interest, including real-time systems and operating systems for communication systems.

소속 교수님들
Cho, Ho-Shin Mobile communication system, wireless internet, communication network
Cho, Jeonghun AI edge computing, Embedded software optimization, Automotive ECU SW(AUTOSAR)
Cho, You-Je Next-generation mobile communication system, broadband communication network (BcN), ubiquitous sensor network (USN)
Choi, Jeongsik
Han, Dong Seog Autonomous Vehicle, Artificial Intelligence, Communication Signal Processing
Im Y. Jung (Head of the Major) Security(Data, System, Communication), IT Convergence, Cloud Computing, Green IT, Distributed Computing Systems
Jeong, Seongah Mobile communications systems, Network-based localization systems, Mobile cloud computing, 5G/6G/IEEE standardization
Kang, Soon-Ju Real-time system, software engineering, intelligence-based system
Kim, Jungjoon Multi-computer Architecture and Performance, Embedded System Device, mHealthcare System, Wireless Network Convergence Technology
Lee. Kyung-Woon
Park, Dae-Jin AI-Embedded Software-on-Chip Lab
Park, Jeonghun Wireless communications systems, Internet of things networks, Statistical learning algorithm
Park, Jong-Tae Next-generation of mobile communication network, ubiquitous networking and RFID system, multimedia mobile software, home networking
Park, Joon-Koo IM(Intelligent Mobility) LAB
Park, YoungHo Information Security, Next-Generation Network, Multimedia
Seo, Dae-hwa Parallel computer structure, computer operating system, multimedia


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