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Biomedical and Multimedia Engineering

The objectives of the Biomedical and Multimedia Engineering undergraduate program are: to provide students with a broad coverage of topics in Electronic Engineering with a solid fountation in mathematics, natural and physical sciences, and engineering fundamentals, to provide students with relevant laboratory experience. Throughout the program, students work with modern laboratory equipment and are exposed to the recent technological developments in the field. Graduates with a bachelors degree in vedio systems and biomedical engineering can find employment in the aerospace, communications, computer, consumer electronics, biomedical engineering, vehicular electronics, and military industries. Students are encouraged to seek an advanced degree if futher specialization and a higher degree of competence in a paticular area is desired. The advanced degrees available are described under the Graduate studies section.

소속 교수님들
Jeon, Mansik Photoacoustic Imaging, In vivo drug delivery monitoring, Biochemical and biomaterial imaging
Joonku Hahn 3D display, 3D pickup, 3D signal processing
Kim, Jeehyun Biomedical Engineering, Medical Imaging System, Embedded Medical Instrumentation
Lee, Seokjin (Head of the Major) Acoustic / Audio / Music Signal Processing


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