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Artificial Intelligence and Signal Processing

This field deals with the acqusition, transmission, and analysis of information, thereby including optical signal processing, parallel distributed processing, speech processing, the design of digital systems, color and image proccessing, computer vision, computer graphics, medical imaging, and sensor signal proccessing as the key areas.

소속 교수님들
Ahn, Sangtae Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Brain-Inspired Artificial Intelligence
Choi, Bong-Yeol Inverse problem, Signal processing, Image reconstruction
Choi, Doo-hyun Signal Processing, Artificial Intelligence, Soft. Computing (Neural Networks, Fuzzy Logic, Evolutionary Computation)
Jang, Gil-Jin Machine Learning, Audio signal processing , Brain Engineering
Kim, Young-Mo Computer graphics, multimedia, visual Computer, visual processing
Lee, Hyunyeol
Lee, In Soo Fault diagnosis and Fault tolerant control, Intelligent control using neural networks, Intelligent sensor system and environment monitoring
Lee, Sung-Hak CAM/iCAM, HDR imaging, Image fusion, Image deep learning, Color management
Park, Kil-Heum Video signal processing, video processing for medical use
Park, Soon-Yong (Head of the Major) Robot Vision, 3D Camera, Autonomous Vehicle, Stereo Vision
Shin, Miyoung Bio-medical informatics, data mining, machine learning


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