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Optoelectronics and Electromagnetic wave Engineering

The main research areas in Radiocommunication Systems Engineering are electromagnetic theory, microwave, and optics. Current research projects in electromagnetic theory include analyses of the propagation, radiation, scattering, and diffraction of an electromagnetic wave, and wave propagations in a plasma mediumm. Current research projects in microwave engineering include the development of antennas for wireless communications, microwave /mm-wave circuits (MIC-hybrid, MMIC). EMI/EMC, mm-wave passive components, measurements of dielectric constans in microwaves/mm-waves, and components for microwave communication systems. Current research projects in optics include optical modulators, optical couplers, and optical detectors for optical communications.

소속 교수님들
Cho, Young-Ki Antenna engineering, microwave engineering, electromagnetic theory
Choi, Hyun Chul Inverse diffusion of electromagnetic wave, numerical analysis, EMI/EMC techniques
Choi, Muhan (Dean of Faculty) Terahertz application devices, Metamaterial Photonic devices,Micro/Nano cavity semiconductor lasers,Research on Photonic light source for Quantum Information/Quantum computer
Choi, Sangjo Microwave, millimeter wave, terahertz antenna and metasurface, nanoantenna device, RF Front-End for wireless communication
Do, Yun Seon Display optics, Nano photonics, Plasmonics
Kim, Hyun-Deok Designing and creating large-capacity fiber-optic network, high-speed optical transmission system, functional optical devices and subsystem, signal delivery using fiber-optics, modeling and analyzing its special qualities
Kim, Kang-Wook Microwave communication system, designing of microwave and mm-wave circuit, Antenna for wireless communication, electronic interaction and numerical analysis
Lee, Seung-Yeol
Tae Heung-Sik (Dean of graduate school, BK21 Four Project director) Plasma display, radio wave occurrence at electromagnetic wave within plasma, practical application of microwave


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